Going Yost To Coast

photography, travel

   Hello!  Hola!  Bonjour!  This is a brief introduction Yost To Coast Photography.  My name is Krystal Yost, and I’ve loved taking photos ever since I was a kid.  I was always making my friends pose for me, and waiting for just the right second when my pets would look straight at the camera.  I’ve actually developed a pretty solid noise that is too annoying for most pets to ignore!  The first camera I owned was a ninja turtles camera that would print a turtles logo in the bottom corner of every photo when you got the film developed.  Totally radical, dude!

   When I was out of high school, I decided all I wanted was to get to Hawaii.  I worked two jobs, saved all my money – and soon after met Nick, my now husband.  And we’ve been traveling to fun places ever since.

   This website started as a base for the photography business I’m starting, but as I added more and more to it, I realized it could never be complete without incorporating our travels and adventures.  After all, that is where some of our best photographs come from.  I hope to answer a lot of questions that may not be so easy to find, and that our travels will inspire you to see more of the world.  Xo!


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